The Hub
"Live at Gugalander"
The Hub "Live at Gugalander"




The Hub: Burn it Down


The Hub: Big Mouth


The Hub: Baby


emd.pl/records/001 - released on April 1st 2003.
69 minutes, 16 tracks.

1. Canada. (4:25)
2. Cosmetic Amputation. (2:15)
3. Soiled Huggies. (6:04)
4. Burn it Down. (4:25)
5. Jimmy. (0:48)
6. Big Mouth. (2:55)
7. Huge. (5:16)
8. Baby. (1:45)
9. Tits. (8:34)
10. Citris. (2:48)
11. O'Brien. (3:36)
12. 2991 / Over + Out. (12:24)
13. Generation Zero. (8:24)
14. Trucker. (0:30)
15. You're Welcome. (0:58)
16. Slut Bunch. (4:04)

Dan Magay: sax
Tim Dahl: bass
Sean Noonan: drums

1, 6, 8, 11, 13 composed by Sean Noonan (Spnoonan ASCAP). 2-5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14-16 composed by Tim Dahl (Dahlsta USA, ASCAP). Produced by The Hub: Sean Noonan, Tim Dahl, and Dan Magay. Executive Producer: Artur Nowak. Recorded at Gugalander, Katowice, Poland, October 13th, 2002 by Artur Nowak. Live Engineering: Marian Maciol. Mixed and mastered by Artur Nowak. Photos: Bartosz Skowronek. Design: wojszyca. Special thanks to Jarek Januszewicz and Marta Kopec.


With the spit-in-yer-face attitude of punk, and the muzo-sophistication of jazz, The Hub can make you punch the air with joy or drop your jaw with amazement in the same tune. Their cutting edge blend of styles is perfect for its time - our time! - Fred Grand, Jazz Review

The hungry young players in The Hub have a voracious appetite for far-flung sounds, Charles Ives, Busta Rhymes and Slayer pin them to a specific place and time: namely New York City at the dawn of the new millennium. - The Metro, UK

Producing a concoction of their own devising that contains elements of jazz, punk, new wave, no wave, funk and freeform improvisation, they are an irresistible force and make for compelling listening. Conversant with, and happy to play in, any or all of these modes at any given time leads to music of great originality but miraculously with not a hint of confusion. Their musicianship and commitment is such that pieces flow with ease and logic through diffuse and often conflicting passages. - John Cratchley

New York trio juggle with ease between rock, jazz, hardcore and punk, but they manage nevertheless to deliver a music impressed of sensitivity. Strong emotions were present, flirting with a certain tortured lyricism. It should be seen to believe it. - Julie Dohet, Vivre a Liege




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