Various Artists
Various Artists "Alt+F4"


Fennesz: Chateau Rouge


Zbigniew Karkowski: Fluc


emd.pl/records/002 - released on April 9th 2004.
44 minutes, 8 tracks.

1. Viön & Mem: Salvia. (5:43)
2. Fennesz: Chateau Rouge. (3:39)
3. Mem & Wolfram: Fosfor. (9:02)
4. Zbigniew Karkowski: Fluc. (3:25)
5. Pita: Neon Asprin Ver. 87136 Mix. (6:52)
6. Spear: Without. (6:14)
7. Laleloo: Song of the Soot Siren. (4:17)
8. Viön, Piotrowicz, Staniszewski: Fuck the Marginal Critics. (4:48)

This CD documents Festival of Improvised and Electronic Music Alt+F4, which took plac in Warsaw on 15-18 May 2003. Released by Center for New Forms Salvia and emd.pl/records.

The motto of Alt+F4 festival was Energy of Electronic Music. Its objective was to present the emerging polish scene of experimental electronic music. Polish artists performed together with Austrian ones, presenting the newest forms in the realm of electronic and improvised music. The festival Alt+F4 was organized by Center for New Forms Salvia with cooperation with Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw. Alt+F4 together with the international conference "Turning Sounds: DJs and Composers Meeting" formed pillars of the big event aimed to promote new music to Polish audience.


FluxEuropa [...]The Polish side include Viön and Mem, the moving forces behind the excellent EA, as well as Wolfram and the ever reliable Zbigniew Karkowski. Austrian participants include Fennesz and Mego mainman Peter Rehberg aka Pita. With a line up like that you know it's going to be good, and the disc does not disappoint. Fennesz's "Chateau Rouge" sounds even better here than it does on his "Venice" album, a gorgeous wash of guitars and subtle ambience. The long take on Pita's "Neon Asprin" offers a dream like excursion into a world of muted laptop howl. Vion & Mem's "Saliva" is an edgy, unnerving noise piece that has all the intelligence and bite of their earlier work. As often proves to be the case with such compilations, however, my favourite track on "Alt+F4" is provided by an act I'd never heard of - in this case the Austrian experimental trio Laleloo, with their wonderful loops of high pitched analogue squeal. As a "marginal critic" myself (see track listing for details) I also applaud the invigoratingly noisy collaboration of Viön, Robert Piotrowicz and Jacek Staniszewski (aka Facial Index)! - Stewart Gott




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