Robert Piotrowicz
"Rurokura and the Final Warn"
Robert Piotrowicz "Rurokura and the Final Warn"


CD packaging was exclusevly designed for emd.pl/records and this release by Michal Kopaniszyn, one of the new and most promissing polish designers, who uses images to open minds.

Cover design © emd.pl/records

Michal Kopaniszyn studied design at Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. His first major exhibition was "Przekaz 1998" (with Michal Biernacki) in Upper Silesian Center of Culture. Together with Janusz Lobzowski, Michal held exhibits of their projects K-ce ulica (Katowice Street) and Gumowi Ludzie (Rubber People) in many european cities. Both Janusz and Michal are also known as VJ Lobokop - they are making visualizations for electronic music concerts in clubs around Poland. Michal is a colaborator of polish naive artist Mistrz Pawarotti aka The Syntetic aka Czlowiek Widmo, and active experimentalist in turbo-sociology arena with controversial projects JezusMaria! and Grupa Leokona.

Close-up: opened front backside

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  Robert Piotrowicz "Rurokura and the Final Warn"