Xavier Charles & Robert Piotrowicz
Xavier Charles, Robert Piotrowicz "///"

Charles/Piotrowicz: Lodz Live 17/3/06


emd.pl/records/005 - released on March 17th 2006.
22 minutes, 1 track.

1. ///

Xavier Charles: vibrating surfaces, CD player
Robert Piotrowicz: analog synthesizer, guitar

Recorded on July 26th 2003 on board of MS Stubnitz. Edited and mastered by Xavier Charles. Design by Michal Kopaniszyn.

Another noise insult. Crepuscular study on vibrating speakers, microphone feedback, analog synthesizer and amplified guitar. Timbraly consistent, apparently electro-acoustic, yet surprising, emotional and distinctive. Recorded live on a ship, /// is a colaboration of two original artists, who explore improvisation as a language of unrestricted communication, which contrasts with obscure packaging and enigmatic title of the CD. Hint: don't look, just listen.

Download video: Xavier Charles, Robert Piotrowicz - album release concert - March 17th 2006


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Review [...] Xavier Charles, clarinetist and electro-acoustical experimentalist (he uses variety of objects, which he throws into vibrating loud-speaker), played on the first edition of legendary Musica Genera Festival in 2002. Back then, he deeply impressed the polish audience with his charisma, therefore we were waiting for his firther performances with great anticipation, and now we are happy about this album. It's a recording of a live performance on board of MS Stubnitz ship, which was staying in Szczecin Port at that time. The music starts with a voice: intentionally deformed mumble, which seems to be just a straight mix of human voice, without use of electronics. It's a course, but you can't be sure, followed by a laugh, but not the joyful one, rather nervous like the laugher in "Hee Shock Die" from "Scheri X" by Diamanda Galas. You could say "///" is noise music, but not the modern noise (which is polite, niggling improv), but very rough, like the noise of 70's & 80's industrial music, just sounding much better. To some extent the music is based on sounds captured from the ether, and this of course reminds me of "Imaginary Landscape no. 4" by John Cage from 1951. This method fits well into esthetics of this music: it's rude and dirty, even slightly dreary, like a album of Neurobot with the voices of aggressive audience. In spite of the comparisons, "///" has its own, individual character, somewhere between free improv, industrial and plunderphonics. The album completes with a sound of an alarm-clock, but nobody will fall asleep by this music, that's sure. Short playing playing doesn't leave the listner with a feeling of dissatisfaction, because it's packed with very dense music, nothing is unnecessary. The cover is again very nice and original. You can clearly see the development of emd.pl/records, one after another, the albums are more adventurous and better. Keep up the good work!