Daniel Menche
Daniel Menche "Animality"
Animality. Sample 1


Animality. Sample 2


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emd.pl/records/006 - released on March 26th, 2007. 52 minutes, 1 track.

Daniel Menche: percussion and destruction. Recorded in the Summer of 2006 at House of Menche and mixed and mastered in the analog domain at Stereophonic Mastering. http://www.stereopho.com. Very special thank you to Artur Nowak, Timothy Stollenwerk, Judy and Magnus Holmes, Gary Garzilli and Erin Laroue. Design > Wojtek Bednarski.


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The final Menche's solo drum excursion is one hour futuristic shaman's flight. The Native American drum, both recorded clean and processed beyond recognition, pulses with the primal beat of the earth. Packaged in black, hand assembled, emd.pl/records boxes, with screenprinted graphics in white and gold by our friend Wojtek Bednarski.

Daniel Menche: "Native American drums are superb for rich resonating sounds due to the animal skin used. For Animality I used a large drum with moose skin for powerful deep bass sounds and then also a elk skin drum for penetrating mid sounds. Much of the higher sounds are from "residue" noise of these drums. Much like how Native Americans use ALL of the animals skin, bones, fur and meat. Even tho there is killing involved there is an devout appreciation and divine gratitude to nature. All of the possible sounds I could create with these drums I used for Animality. There is also some of my voice sounds in there too."

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Daniel Menche "Animality"

The Sound Projector [...]: emd.pl/records released a coupla scorchers last year which are detailed in issue 15. One of 'em (Rurokura and the Final Warn) still brings me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it, as I mentally relive its apocalyptic nightmare which was barked into my ears in stuttering bursts. Now here's a monstrous sliver from Daniel Menche, the highly prolific American wild-ogre of noise, called Animality and featuring the head of a grizzly bear on the cover printed in white and gold. Said bear is roaring with mouth open at full stretch, and his bonce is outlined in jagged shards, suggesting the considerable effects this recording will have on all those in the animal kingdom. So now we know - the noise of Menche can even make a bear scream for mercy! Like the Rurokura disc, this one is packaged in a highly imaginative piece of thin, rigid black plastic that unfolds into a miniature 3-D sculpture of sorts. Crisp, sharp and clear, looks like you can really sink your incisors into this one!


Gothtronic [...]: "Animality" is an hour worth of the most intense ritualistic music you've probably heard in a long, long time. An hour worth of patterns by and sounds, created by drums, built by native Americans. Either processed beyond recognition or "just" they way they are. The result is a shamanistic soundscape, where rhytms are layered on top of eachother, resulting in some extreme dynamics when you look at the whole composition. Truly hypnotizing in a good way.

Somehow, this CD reminds me of 'How to destry angels' by Coil. Not because of the music, bat that record had the subtitle "Ritual music for the accumulation of male sexual energy" and no other record ever came close to giving me that ritual feeling. Up until now... What furthermore makes this release worth mentioning - and what definitly gets the grade on this release higher - is the packaging. The slick black digipack folds out and turns into a three dimensional structure. A very nice white & golden screenprint takes care of the finishing touch.

This is a release both emd.pl and Daniel Menche can and will be very proud of.